Golden Fresh Egg Ranch

8332 Live Oak Avenue
Fontana, CA 92335


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Open From
7:30am - 5pm M-F

Sat. 7:30 am - 4pm


Use our Egg Locator to find a store that stocks our eggs. The Egg Locator database is still being updated, so not all of the stores that carry our eggs are listed. You can also come to the ranch and buy egg's directly from our on site store!
Fresh, uncooked eggs in their shell can be kept refrigerated in their cartons for at least four to five weeks beyond the pack date or two to three weeks past the sell by date. From the American Egg Board.
The entire time from ovulation to laying is about 25 hours. Then about 30 minutes later, the hen will begin to make another one.
Hand candling, holding a shell egg directly in front of a light source is done to spot check and determine accuracy in grading.